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Good Yachting

The company Good Yachting, initially created in 2008 under the name Écume de mer Yachting, has developed its activities in Europe. Seda Crégut, who founded the company, is a professional guide specialized in yacht and gullet charters. She knows the European customers and their needs pretty well.

She became renowned swiftly with her works at Paris 2009 MAP, Brussels 2010 BTExpo fairs and in London; which allowed her to promote her brand and expertise on the yachting and tourism sector in Europe.

Good Yachting organizes yacht tours in various countries but mainly in the Mediterranean area and in Turkey.

The company offers a wide range of Mega and Super Luxury category yachts and aims to find the “yacht just right for you” for making you feel special and making your dream holidays come true with its specialized staff.

In order to meet your expectations and offer you the best, Good Yachting is in direct contact with the owners of the yachts and knows the crews and their professionalism. In some countries, the company even collaborates directly with yachting agencies.


See you soon at Good Yachting!

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