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There are many activities you can do during your yacht cruise; swim in the crystal clear blue waters of the bays you anchor at; sunbathe on virgin beaches; read books with birds chirping around you, just to name a few.

Discover ruins and archaeological sites that are historically world-renowned or unheard with the excitement of an archaeologist; practice water sports you have never tried before or that you are addicted to, take a hike in a small village nearby and chat with the residents of the village.

That is not all... Eat at the favorite restaurant of a city you anchored at the port of, sip local drinks at a bar or dance till the early hours of the morning at a nightclub.

Our aim in yacht tour organizations is to make sure that every moment of your journey is unforgettable. 

Private yacht charter: Our private yacht charter concept is based solely and completely on your priorities mainly from the starting date of your tour to your choice of yacht, from the regions you will visit to your meal menus, from the harbors you will anchor at to even your beverages. Our professional, highly trained and experienced yacht crew in their respective fields will be at your services for a perfect holiday.

Cabin charter: Whether alone or with a friend, you can make your blue cruise dream come true by renting one or several cabins instead of a renting a private yacht. Other cabins onboard may be rented by Turkish and foreign guests. Thanks to this concept, you can meet other people from different countries and cultures, practice your foreign language, and even embark on new long-term friendships. The yacht of the tour is determined in the last minute in cabin chartering however, food menus and tour itinerary is pre-determined and submitted to your information.

Private yacht/Gulet charter: Personnel service of the yacht crew (including preparation of meals), mooring fees in Turkish territorial waters, port taxes, yacht insurance, fuel, cleaning of boat linen, utility water, transit log and use of all equipment onboard for free are all included in the price. 

Private Yacht/Gulet Charter: Meals, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, land tours, airport transfers, port taxes and mooring fees in Greek territorial waters are not included in the price.

Hutcharter: accommodatie van een week en volpension (ontbijt, lunch en diner, 5 uur thee, koekjes), drinkwater (tijdens de maaltijd), brandstof, leidingwater, personeelsservice, jachtverzekering, bootlinnen, liggeldkosten in Turkse territoriale wateren, havenbelastingen en doorvoerlog zijn bij de prijs inbegrepen.

Cabin Charter: Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, bottled water, land tours and airport transfers are not included in the price. Beverages are available from the on board bar.

In case of private yacht charter, you can get inspired from the routes we offer you or alternatively, choose your own route. Once your booking is finalized, your embarking and disembarking ports are determined.  

In case of cabin charters, tours are organized according to certain itineraries. 

One of the many destinations included in Good Yachting's tour programs is Greece and the Greek Islands. Therefore, if you prefer this country, why not sail across Greek waters! 

In this case, you should consider that the port charges in Greek Islands are not included in the price.

Si vous nous le demandez avant votre voyage, nous pouvons évidemment vous aider avec tous vos transferts.

Les taxes portuaires, les frais d'amarrage, le journal de transit, le nettoyage à bord et en cabine à la fin du voyage, l’eau de service, le linge de bateau, les bateaux à moteur, le gaz en bouteille.

Yes. It varies according to the type and category of yachts. There is a crew of two or three in yachts with 3 and 4 cabins and a crew of three or four in yachts with more cabins. The number of crew members of luxury or higher category yachts is at least five or more.

All our yachts are insured, including third parties. Our guests can take out personal accident, health and travel insurance if they wish.

If the previous tour of the yacht disembarks at a port you like and again, the next tour starts again at another port you want, this will not cause a problem. Otherwise, it is possible to select your desired ports by paying a price difference. Price difference varies according to the distance between embarkment and disembarkment ports.

The embarkment time of all cruises is as of 15:30 pm. The disembarkment time after breakfast on the last day is 10:30 am. The yacht is prepared for the new guests arriving in the afternoon.

It prohibited to smoke in cabins and halls due to security reasons. 

However, you can use the deck for smoking.

Not all yachts have 220 V electricity. We will do our best if you inform us about your requirements before the tour.

If you have chartered a private yacht, you can bring your own beverages and send us a beverage list. In this case, we will have your shopping before you embark your yacht. If you wish, you can pay on the day you embark the yacht. We do not charge extra for catering.

However; you cannot bring any alcoholic beverages on cabin Chart tours, but can buy alcoholic beverages from the bar of the yacht.

You can bring your baby in Private Yacht Charters. However, in cabin tours, you cannot travel with your children under the age of 12.

The meal menus on private yacht charters are prepared according to your personal preferences and taste.

In cabin tours, meals can be cooked exclusively for our vegetarian guests.

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed on yachts.

Yes, these items are usually available on our yachts; however, we recommend you to bring your own private snorkels and goggles.

In April, May, October the average is between 20-26 degrees, June, July, August and September is between 30-38 degrees. Humidity is not too high.

Swimwear, sun towel, sun protection with high protection factor, sunglasses, hat, lip moisturizer, camera. Trainers and comfortable hiking shoes. (You cannot walk around with your shoes on the yachts.) Comfortable and practical clothes you can wear on cool evenings.

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